Tips For Budget Beach Destination Wedding Travel

You have pronounced to have your wedding on the beach. At this point, you must now decide how your weddings guests will make it to your destination wedding on the beach. How is everyone going to get there for your big day? Traditionally, your wedding guests are responsible for their own travel expenses. Members of the wedding party and a few VIPs are the exception and you should afford their travel. It’s important to think about who will be coming to your beach wedding and how far they will have to travel when making the decision on where to hold your beach wedding.

A great little secret about having a beach wedding is that the guest will automatically shrink in size simply because now there is a cost and some travel involved.Rather than having to say no to so many people, you could simply plan a destination beach wedding and let people decide for themselves. Family members and those participating in the wedding are a greater concern. Either they have to pay or someone has to pay for them.

The Ultimate Beach Wedding – Travel Decisions

Family Travel Budget Concerns

Can the invited family members even afford to travel to your special day? It’s hard to guess sometimes, but generally, you’ll know if your parents can spend $2000 on airfare or not. You may have to ask an aunt or uncle “We are thinking of having our wedding in Hawaii. Airfare that time of year runs about $800/person, and the resort will be in addition to that. Would that be doable for you?”

An option for you, the bride to be, would be to help your family members out with the travel cost buy paying for part of the flight. For instance if the bride were in Atlanta and the wedding was in Cancun, Mexico, the couple or the bride’s family could pay for the flight from the brides locale to the wedding destination and the guests would be responsible for getting to the bride’s locale on their own dime.

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Romantic Getaway Destination Tips For Married Couples

There are married couples looking for destination tips for their travels. Reading tips from people who have actually gone to the places they have aptly described in their reviews can make their recommendations a lot easier to digest and believable. Married couples seem to be wiser than first time honeymooners and so are more inquisitive when it comes to spending their holidays or vacations so that they get the best deals for their budget.

But before anything else, why do married couples look for romantic destinations? Well, for the top of the list reason, most of these married couples would want to catch the spark again in their relationship. Some just want to enjoy each other’s company again after having kids and other big responsibilities. And even some just want to rediscover each other after being hit with the bus called reality. With all these underlying reasons for married couples, giving the best tips in destination is more like a manual to them. Maybe they have been busy too much to even know what are the most top most romantic getaway places to be.

For married couples, they would want some place with the three essential factors: food, relaxation, and generous accommodations. After being married for quite some time, they would want a destination that can make them feel excited and relaxed in each other’s company.

First choice would be the Antigua in the Caribbean. Relaxation to most couples would mean sunny beaches that spells laid back and relaxation to most. This is a small island with small but intimate hotels that offer spas and other body treatments that can loosen all those tensed muscles and free the thoughts of their visitors. The best part of it is that it is in the tropics and so you can expect sunny weather all year-round.

Second would be surprisingly near, the Cabo San Lucas in Mexico. If your spouse is into golf sports or deep-sea fishing for fun, then this is your first choice. There are also luxury hotels that can accommodate you in the best and most fashionable way in the area.

The City by the Bay or San Francisco city in California is considered to be the most accessible romantic city in all of the states. If both of you just cannot consider an exotic getaway and would prefer a very cosmopolitan destination, then this is the place to be. Also fits the bill for most couples who are tight on the budget. Checking into their five-star hotels or dining in their world-class cuisine restaurants can allow you to go back to your romantic days with your spouse.

Napa Valley in California is best suited for married couples who share the love for wine tours and tasting. This is also a chance to get to know other couples who happen to share the same hobby that you might have or for you to discover the world of wine together. The charming valley town can look like Italy and the warm people with the high-class hotels can keep you comfortable in your stay.

Married couple should learn to enjoy each other’s company to keep their romance alive. Learning new activities together or indulging in your favorite destinations can make your bond stronger. You will always appreciate being married to each other every after trip you make.

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